Hollywood Smile

The general idea behind Hollywood Smile is to try to get rid of all the tooth defects as much as possible and come up with a satisfactory result from the harmonious white and attractive teeth. Although medicine has proven that the natural and healthy color of the teeth is not as high as whitish as some believe, but tends to yellowish because of the relatively dark degree lining the heart of the teeth, but we are still attracted to the whiteness and consider it the best degrees of teeth at all.

Ceramic Peels

The installation of ceramic veneers for the front teeth of the upper jaw and lower jaw Veneer or Luminaire Emax quality and crusts form in the absence of abnormalities or fractures in the teeth and we use them in order to beautify the smile and improve the shape of the face.

The Zircon Crowns

The zircon crowns we use it when the teeth are inconsistent and have broken or deformed and here we have treated the teeth and beautified them.

It includes the treatment of teeth and coating with special cosmetic peels, which is the most common methods used in cosmetic dentistry in Turkey to get an attractive smile throughout the life as long as dreamed of

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