Uzm. Dt. Muhammet GÜRCAN


He was born on 18.01.1986 in Manisa.
He graduated from Dündar Çiloğlu Anatolian High School. (1997 - 2004) In the same year, he won the Ege University Faculty of Dentistry (2004-2010).

He ranked 14th in Turkey in the specialization exam in 2014 and completed his specialization in the Department of Orthodontics in 2018 with his thesis titled "Evaluation of Tongue and Mandible Volumes in Skeletal Class I and Class II Individuals with Cone Beam Computed Tomography".
He is married and has 1 child.

*Muhammet Gurcan, Orhan Aksoy, Ahu Topkara, Selin Koramaz. Treatment of Horizontally Growing Class III Adolescent Case with Fixed Orthodontic Appliance. Turkish Orthodontic Society 15th International Congress, Eskişehir, 2015 *Selin Koramaz, Orhan Aksoy, Ahu Topkara, Muhammet Gürcan. Treatment of a Late Adolescent Case with Vertical Growth and Frontal Crowding and Crossbite. Turkish Orthodontic Society 15th International Congress, Eskişehir, 2015. *Fatma Yıldırım, Orhan Aksoy, Erol Akın, Muhammet Gürcan, Selin Koramaz. Treatment of a Class II Malocclusion with Modified Bonded Maxillary Expander and Occipital Headgear Combination:A Case Report.92nd European Orthodontic Society Congress, Sweden 2016.
Association Memberships: Turkish Orthodontic Society (T.O.D.)

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